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Steps to register a Domain Name:

1 Check Availability - Typically, the most popular domain names are already in use. Before starting the registration process, you must find an available or not registered domain name that complements your requirements - this domain name will be the internet address of your web site.

2 Decide on the Top-Level-Domain(TLD) - The different types of TLDs available also determine the variety and availability of domain names. Try to choose from the most popular TLDs we offer with our services: com, net, org, biz, info, us, asia, mobi, be, cc, jp, tw, co, in, cm, uk.

3 Extras for Your Domain - When you register a domain, it is listed publicly on that particular domain. Typically contact details will be shown, such as phone number, email, and physical address. You can also opt for a domain privacy protection in order to protect your private details from harvesting.

Domain Registration Pricing and Rules

TLD Max registration/renewal period at once Registration Rules Price per year
.com 1-10 years No Domain names with the .COM extension are by far the most popular, and can be purchased by any individual or business. £12.93£15.39€15.10€17.97$17.95$21.36
.net 1-10 years No Short for .network, this domain extension was originally designed to be used by technical Web sites. However, domains using this extension can be registered by anyone. £13.24£15.76€15.40€18.33$17.95$21.36
.org 1-10 years No .ORG became the registry of choice for organizations dedicated to serving the public interest, and today .ORG is considered one of the most trusted domains on the internet, however .ORG domain can be registered by anyone. £13.24£15.76€15.40€18.33$17.95$21.36
.biz 1-10 years No Dedicated exclusively to the business community. The .BIZ domain are prepared to be used for a "bona fide business or commercial use". Anyone can register .BIZ domain. £17.14£20.40€19.90€23.68$20.95$24.93
.info 1-10 years No The first unrestricted top-level domain since .com, .INFO domains are available for registration to the general public. £15.31£18.22€16.80€19.99$19.95$23.74
.us 1-10 years Yes .US Registrant Requirements

1. A natural person (i) who is a United States citizen, (ii) a permanent resident of the United States of America or any of its possessions or territories, or (iii) whose primary place of domicile is in the United States of America or any of its possessions

2. An entity or organization that is (i) incorporated within one of the fifty (50) U.S. states, the District of Columbia, or any of the United States possessions or territories or organized, or (ii) otherwise constituted under the laws of a state of the United States of America, the District of Columbia or any of its possessions or territories (including a federal, state, or local government of the United States, or a political subdivision thereof, and unincorporated organizations based in the United States)

3. An entity or organization that has a bona fide presence in the United States of America or any of its possessions or territories.
.asia 1-10 years Yes .ASIA Registration Requirements

Anyone (person or entity) can be a registrant of .ASIA domains. In order to satisfy the .ASIA Charter Eligibility Requirement, one of the associated contacts for the domain (registrant, administrative, technical or billing contact) must be a legal entity in ASIA. A legal entity may be a natural person of a juristic entity such as a corporation.
.mobi 1-10 years No .Mobi is the only TLD dedicated to the unique needs of mobile web users. Visitors can trust that a website is compatible with their mobile device if it ends in .mobi. Domains are available for anyone to register, anywhere in the world. £17.09£20.34€19.80€23.56$22.00$26.18
.be 1 year Yes .BE Registration Requirements

Country-code top-level domain designated for Belgium.

While anyone can register .be domain name there are other tight requirements you must know if you own such a domain name.
.cc 1-10 years No Top level domain for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Anyone in the world can register a .cc domain for any purpose. £15.54£18.49€17.89€21.29$19.95$23.74
.jp 1 year Yes .JP Registration Requirements

Any individual, group, or organization that has a permanent postal address in Japan may apply for a 2nd level, i.e., General-use JP Domain Name (DOMAIN.JP).
.tw 1-10 years No Taiwan's ccTLD. Unlikely previous practice .TW domains can be registered by anyone anywhere in the world. £24.61£29.29€27.46€32.68$32.95$39.21
.co 1-5 years No A .CO domain name is a valuable digital asset that can help you to build and brand your online presence. .CO domain names may be registered for a period of 1 to 5 years by an individual, business or organization. £25.75£30.64€27.50€32.73$32.95$39.21
.in 1-10 years No .IN domain names are available to anyone! Companies, individuals, and organizations in India and abroad are eligible. £15.95£18.98€18.46€21.97$21.95$26.12
.cm 1-5 years No There are no residency requirements for .CM names. You can live anywhere in the world and register a .CM domain. £89.15£106.09€109.96€130.85$120.95$143.93
.uk 1-10 years Yes Additional contact attributes are required for registration of .UK domain:

1. Legal type of the registrant should be specified. Registrant should be a UK resident and have a valid UK address.
2. Company identification number (required for Legal Types noted).
3. Name of the Registrant / Company (This can not be changed easily afterwards).
IMPORTANT: .UK registration is not instant and needs approval by the .UK registry - Nominet. No exact period is specified for approval/rejection of domain registration request.
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